Garden Geek

me-beach-polariod1[1]Last January, I started searching for tools to help me grow my garden. I’m a lazy software hacker by profession, and a planner by nature.

I wanted tools to help me create a garden calendar and plot out my garden, and some electronics to automatically water my plants in the summer.

I never found any really good freely available tools, and certainly no open source tools, so I gave up and started writing my own.

I ended up creating several different projects, including an Android app called ColdSnap that notifies of incoming frosts, a garden calendaring/todo list tool, and an Arduino-based watering system, loosely based off the Garduino. You can find those tools on github.

A Long Time Ago, in a Garden Far Far Away

This January, I presented my tools at Linux Conference Australia in a talk called “Growing food with Open Source”. I was amazed by the interest from the conference attendees, and by how many people told me about geeky garden projects I had never heard of.

There was one person who told me they had already developed a project similar to the Garduino, but they were too worried about being in front of an audience to ever present it!

Of course, I wanted to keep in contact with all the awesome garden hackers at LCA, and hear about any projects they were working on.

I realized there was no online representation for this community, where people combine their technology and science expertise with their passion for gardening. So I created it.

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